Thierry Onkelinx


June 10, 2017

I have no idea where this blog will lead. Current plans are a review of the PeerSonic bat detector, some examples of how bat detector observations can be analysed and some questions that I get repeatedly while giving statistical consultancy to ecologists and other scientists.

Another goal is more technical: learn to create a website with blogdown. The easy road would be to render the sources files locally in to a complete website and upload that. I will attempt to place only to strictly necessary source files under version control on GitHub. Then use continuous integration using Wercker to render the site and deploy it to the website.

Why version control?

git got me really addicted to version control. Here a few benefits as I see them:

  1. It is easy to make snapshots (called commits) of a project (called a repository) and you are in control of those snapshots.
  2. It allows to you document what you changed between two snapshots, when you did it and why.
  3. You can always reset the entire project to the exact state of any snapshot.
  4. Synchronising the entire history of a project between a local computer and a server makes it easy to back-up the repository.
  5. The synchronisation works as well among different users, making working together easier and more fun.